New York State Superintendent Development Program

SUNY Oswego and Greater Southern Tier BOCES are seeking a Director for the New York State Superintendent Development Program (NYSSDP) Director. The SDP Director is a part time position, responsible for leading and organizing core program elements of a year-round leadership program for those interested in becoming a Superintendent of Schools. The Director coordinates sessions, conducts interviews, provides feedback and supports regional teams of faculty mentors. The Director recruits eligible participants, recruits, trains, and hires Superintendent Faculty Mentors, reviews and updates curriculum and program manual. The Director works within an established budget, regularly submits reports, coordinates assessments and communicates frequently. Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree with at least 60 Graduate credits in education or educational leadership, a minimum of 10 years full time experience as an educational leader, experience as a superintendent, and expertise advocating for and leading implementation of current NYS / national education reforms in educational institutions. Training targeted for May, full duties commence in the fall of 2018.

Full Description and link to application may be found at www.oswego.edu/vacancies

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The New York State Superintendent Development Program offers instruction and mentoring to assist individuals through the transition to becoming superintendent of schools.

At the core of this program are regional teams consisting of one or two superintendent faculty mentors working with four to nine participants (Associates) through a series of authentic learning activities -real issues faced by superintendents in local school districts – to develop real-world solutions with real-world consequences. The issues are identified and sequenced by the faculty mentors to develop insight, knowledge and attitude. Interviews, writing assignments, small and large group tasks and seminars supplement the Associates' work on authentic issues.

Associates are trained to use systems thinking in areas critical to success as a superintendent. They develop the skills and behaviors essential to become a successful superintendent of schools.

The goal of the New York State Superintendent Program experience is to acculturate the Associates to the remarkable challenges and rewards of the superintendency, developing graduates prepared to serve the children and school communities of New York State.


Opening Session
January 19-20, 2018
Central New York Location

Mid-Year Session
July 18-29, 2018
Central New York Location

Closing Session
November 3, 2018
Central New York Location

As with any superintendency, an extensive time commitment and rigorous performance standards are required of Program Associates. In addition to the 5 full day sessions, special topic sessions, authentic issue teamwork, and superintendent interviews are essential pieces of the program experience. Faculty-Associate teams meet weekly throughout the program year to discuss current issues and situations, plan events and work on authentic issue research.


The 2018 Program Fee is $4,500. For Associates pursuing NYS SDL certification, the Fee may include nine graduate credits from SUNY Oswego. Associates with SDL certification may opt for the 9 credit hours for an additional $4,200 SUNY Oswego tuition charge.

If the Program Fee is paid by the Associate, payments may be spread over two fiscal years. If the Fee is paid by a school district, it may opt to make one payment or spread the payments across two fiscal years. BOCES Aid may be claimed on the coordination portion of the Program Fee.

Payment for 9 credit option (not for SDL) will be billed separately and directly to the Associate by SUNY Oswego.


The New York State Superintendent Development Program is offered to individuals seeking to become superintendent of schools who


November 17, 2017 - Applications for 2018 Cohort due

December 18, 2017 - Notification 2018 Associates

January 19, 2018 - NYSSDP Opens