NYS Superintendent Development Program
The Superintendency

Perhaps never before has there been a greater need for highly prepared candidates for the superintendency. In these times of dramatic change, it is imperative that principals, directors and assistant superintendents who aspire to the position prepare themselves and step forward in the greater service of children in New York state.

The superintendency is a demanding position, one that requires a strong sense of ethical decision making and behavior, a belief that all children can be successful during and after formal schooling, and an ability to make critical decisions under pressure. The position demands the best leadership and deserves the best leaders.

The New York State Superintendent Development Program provides you with the opportunity to work, on a weekly basis, with outstanding, experienced superintendents whose careers reflect the strongest commitment to serving children, serving their school communities, and serving the next generation of school superintendents.


The Program

The New York State Superintendent Development Program provides instruction and mentoring to assist individuals through the transition to becoming superintendent of schools.

At the core of this program are teams consisting of one or two faculty superintendent mentors and four-to-nine participants, each working through a series of authentic learning activities – the real issues faced by superintendents in local school districts – to develop real-world solutions with real-world consequences. The issues are identified and sequenced by the mentors to develop insight, knowledge and attitude. Interviews, writing activities, small and large group activities, and seminars supplement the work on authentic issues.

Participants are trained to use systems thinking in areas critical to success in a superintendency. They also develop the skills and behavior necessary to become a superintendent of schools.

The New York State Superintendent Development Program experience acculturates participants to the remarkable challenges and rewards of the superintendency, making graduates better prepared to serve the children and school communities of New York state.


2016 Program Year

Participant-faculty teams meet and work throughout the program year. In addition to full-day sessions, special topic sessions and team work, weekly team meetings are conducted. As with any superintendency, an extensive time commitment and rigorous performance standards are required of program participants.

Opening Session
January 22-23, 2016
Central NY location

Mid-Year Session
July 20-21, 2016
Central NY location

Culminating Session
November 5, 2016
Central NY location




Program Cost

The 2016 program fee is $4,500.

For Associates pursuing NYSED SDL certification, the Fee may include 9 graduate credits from SUNY Oswego. Associates with SDL certification may opt for the 9 credit hours for an additional SUNY Oswego tuition charge.  
Admissions Process

The New York State Superintendent Development Program is open to individuals seeking to become school superintendents, and who:

  • Possess or qualify for NYS School Administration [SBL] Certification or NYS School District [SDL] Certification.
  • Supervisors and peers recognize as having the potential to assume the responsibilities of the position of superintendent of schools.
  • Have a record of successful leadership characterized by a commitment to children and high ethical standards.
  • Successfully complete the application process, which includes a confidential interview and the submission of all required documents.
Admissions Timeline


November 18, 2015
Deadline for Applications

December 18, 2015
Notification of  2016 Associates

January 22, 2016
Start of the 2016 Program Year
Note: Program interviews will be conducted on an on-going basis as applications are received.
Application Documents

The following information must be provided by the applicant. All correspondences and supporting documents will be duplicated and evaluated by the faculty and become part of the permanent application record.


Mail or Email application materials to:

Mr. Douglas Hamlin
Program Director
New York State Superintendent Development Program
1123 W. Bloomfield Road
Mendon, NY 14472
Telephone: (518) 281-0739
Email - hamlin.doug@gmail.com
Provided through the efforts of: Greater Southern Tier BOCES [LEA] and the State University of New York at Oswego

Endorsed by: the NYS Council of School Superintendents, the NYS Association for Women in Administration, and the School Administrators Association of NYS


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